Super Slovaks Purchase Manual


1) Click on the button Podporiť projekt on top of the page.
2) Choose your product or package and click on Kúpiť (buy).
3) Now you are in the section Košík (Cart). Specify how many books / package sets you would like to purchase.
4) In the section Kupón enter the discount code and click on Použiť kupón to use it.
5) Scroll down to and click on Skontrolovať a objednať to order your items.
6) In the section Krajina/región choose your country.
Please note the following countries are listed in Slovak only:
USA is listed as Spojené Štáty (US)
UK is listed as Spojené Kráľovstvo (UK)
Germany is listed as Nemecko
7) In the section Krstné meno enter your first name.
8) In the section Priezvisko enter your surname
9) In the section Ulica enter your street name and house number. Please use the second row if necessary, to indicate an apartment name or number, etc.
10) In the section PSČ enter your postal code.
11) In the section Mesto enter your city or town.
12) In the section Telefónne číslo enter your contact phone number.
13) In the section Emailová adresa enter your email address.
Proceed to the payment information.
14) In the section Číslo karty enter your credit or debit card number.
15) In the section Dátum expirácie enter the card expiry date.
16) In the section Kód karty enter the three-digit CVC code found at the back of your card.
17) Click Objednať s povinnosťou platby to place the order and pay.

And it’s done!

Thank you ♥